Flipping Blogs for Profit

The make money online niche has always been very competitive but in the past few years it has become almost ridiculous and if you aren’t an already established internet marketer then tapping into the make money online niche is going to be very difficult. It’s not impossible for a beginner to compete in the make money online niche but it is pretty close to it. However, there is a money making method that is quickly rising in popularity and almost anyone can use it to make money online fairly quickly.

I’m sure the title of this post gave you a pretty good idea of what I am about to say and you’re right, blog flipping is very popular right now and it’s a great way to make money. All you really need to get started flipping blogs is to know a little about blogging platforms like wordpress, some experience with web hosting, and minimal internet marketing knowledge.

When you flip blogs to make money online, you don’t have to learn nearly as much about internet marketing as you usually would. You can skip right over the information on Adsense, list building, affiliate marketing, niche marketing, SEO and so much more.

Instead of learning all that you can simply focus on becoming great at flipping blogs for profit and make money that way. Blogs are all the rage right now and you can make some serious cash through blog flipping. Below are some steps you can take for flipping blogs using the WordPress.org blogging platform to build your blogs.

1. Find a good niche to build the blog around. It can be almost any niche, but you must make sure there is a market for it or nobody will want it.

2. Purchase a domain name for the blog with the keywords of the niche in it if possible, and get web hosting if you don’t already have it.

3. Find or buy a premium wordpress theme for the blog, so that it has a more professional look to it. Just do a Google search for “Premium WordPress Themes” and you will find a ton of them.

4. Further customize the blog with a logo to make it look even more professional. If you don’t know how to make a logo you can find someone to do it for you very cheaply on fiverr or just about any webmaster forum in their “buy/sell/trade” or similar section.

5. Write about 5 to 10 posts centered on various keywords in the niche to post on the blog, or have them written for you on iwriter.

6. Once you have the blog customized and content added, it’s time to start promoting it like crazy to get some traffic and links built up to it. This will greatly increase the worth of the blog. Do some article marketing, comment on related blogs, post on social media sites, submit to blog directories, do a press release, and other internet marketing methods.

7. Once you have everything listed above completed it’s time to put it up for sell! Head over to Flippa or another website auction marketplace and list the blog for sale. You can get an idea of how much you should ask for it by looking at what blogs with similar stats are selling for.

Blog flipping is something you can do over and over again as often as you want to keep making money online. As you get better at it you will start to see even higher profits. Remember that not all the blogs you sell will make you a large profit. Some won’t make you much money, if any at all. But some of them will net very high profits and make it more than worth your time.

Another thing to remember is when you flip a blog that gets a lot of bids or sells at a high price, it’s probably a good idea to build more blogs similar to that one and sell them too. Use the steps above and you will be flipping blogs for profit in no time!

Why do I Make Money at Home?

Since the title of this blog is, “I Make Money at Home” it’s probably good to tell you why I do it. There are many different ways to make money at home and just as many reasons for why people decide to start making money from home. It’s important to know some of these things ahead of time so you can make your own decisions based on what others have done before you. I started this blog to tell about my experiences with being my own boss and share the knowledge I have gained over many years of making money online.

The reason why I have chosen to make money at home is really quite simple and straightforward… I simply wanted to be my own boss and have the freedom to do what I want without answering to anyone, and earn more money than I ever would have at most regular jobs. I knew that if I started my own online business, so I could make money from home, then I could do those things.

Your reasons might be different and that’s perfectly fine. Everyone has their own reasons for why they want to make money at home. Some do it out of necessity because they lost their job, have a disability that keeps them from being able to work outside their home, need of an extra income, or some other reason.

Some people do it just to earn some extra money to pay the bills, buy a new car, build a new house, take vacations, or whatever else. Other people do it simply because they want to have the freedom it gives them (like me). And some people also do it for other reasons not listed here.

It doesn’t matter why you make money at home, all that matters is that you are happy doing and earning a good living.

3 Ideas to Make Money at Home Online

Are you looking for ideas to make money at home online? There are numerous ways to make money at home and below I have given you a few of the most popular methods for making money online. Hopefully one of them will be just what you are looking for.

1) Make Money with Paid Online Surveys

There are many companies who will pay you to fill out surveys online. These are market research companies who are hired by national businesses to gather consumer information. They can either pay an army of interviewers to knock on doors as in the old days, or they can pay the people who are answering the questions. Many of them are switching to online surveys and paying the individuals because it’s easier to administer.

If you like filling out forms and giving your opinion, this can be a fun way to make extra money at home online. It works best if you live in the USA because most of the top paying companies are in the US market.

To save time, you can pick up a program called Roboform that will store your information in a profile and enter it into each new form at the click of a mouse. Then you just have to answer the questions about your preferences or whatever it is that they are surveying this time. Making money with paid online surveys is very easy. You won’t get rich doing it but it is a very good way to make extra money online.

2) Make Money Online at Home by Flipping Websites

Flipping websites basically just means buying websites, improving them and then selling them for a profit. If you buy a site that is making some money in a way that does not require any work from you, this can be an ongoing money maker for you.

It is also possible to flip domains. Here you buy a good domain name, either expired or new, and sell it at a profit without ever needing to build a site on it. For legal reasons you should not buy domain names containing trademark brands. The best domain names are phrases that people would type in to a search engine relating to a subject that has high earning potential – for example, financial services or weight loss.

3) Write and Sell an eBook to Make Money Online

This might sound hard but it’s really not. All you need to do is choose a topic where you know some information that people would be happy to pay for, or start with a private label rights (PLR) ebook. Private label rights means that you can edit it, put your name on it, change the title, and whatever else you want. Finish it up and sell it. You will be selling a digital download so there are no per copy production costs.

Ebooks do not have to look like real books on the inside. Readers will probably enjoy it more if you include plenty of pictures, colored text etc. You want them to enjoy it so that they don’t request a refund. Plus they are more likely to buy more from you in the future and recommend your ebook to their friends.

If your ebook is popular or you want to give it an extra push you can even list it with lulu.com so that people can order hard copies that will be produced as a real book. Pay a little extra for an ISBN number and your book can be distributed by Amazon. Guaranteed to impress the folks back home!

I hope that one of these ideas to make money online at home has sparked your interest. Why not get started right now? You’ll be glad you did!

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