Why do I Make Money at Home?

Since the title of this blog is, “I Make Money at Home” it’s probably good to tell you why I do it. There are many different ways to make money at home and just as many reasons for why people decide to start making money from home. It’s important to know some of these things ahead of time so you can make your own decisions based on what others have done before you. I started this blog to tell about my experiences with being my own boss and share the knowledge I have gained over many years of making money online.

The reason why I have chosen to make money at home is really quite simple and straightforward… I simply wanted to be my own boss and have the freedom to do what I want without answering to anyone, and earn more money than I ever would have at most regular jobs. I knew that if I started my own online business, so I could make money from home, then I could do those things.

Your reasons might be different and that’s perfectly fine. Everyone has their own reasons for why they want to make money at home. Some do it out of necessity because they lost their job, have a disability that keeps them from being able to work outside their home, need of an extra income, or some other reason.

Some people do it just to earn some extra money to pay the bills, buy a new car, build a new house, take vacations, or whatever else. Other people do it simply because they want to have the freedom it gives them (like me). And some people also do it for other reasons not listed here.

It doesn’t matter why you make money at home, all that matters is that you are happy doing and earning a good living.

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